Victor and the Merchant

The Smoker

Victor looked at his basket.

The merchant looked at Victor.

The merchant wore suspenders. He adjusted them for no reason. He wiped the counter top with a napkin that was falling apart.

He pretended not to be looking at Victor.

Victor took a bite out of an apple, and walked to the back of the store chomping the bite of apple loudly, and winking into the mirrors the merchant had hung all over the ceiling.

Victor took a gallon of milk from the shelf, opened it, and drank from it.

Victor set 65% of the apple, and 85% of the gallon of milk before the merchant, right on some pieces of wet napkin, rolled into nano-cigarettes by the feverish wiping of the merchant..

The merchant gave Victor five dollars.

Victor walked outside stuffing the $5 in his pocket, and the door closed behind him in time with the chomping and glugging of the merchant.

The next customer would think the counter was dirty, and probably would not think of napkins.

The next customer would probably give money to the merchant, and leave with merchandise.


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