Slade     <–This is a link to the recording. Spoken word improvised over creepy music with my buddy Scott. I had done cable for someone named “Slade Savage”, and he had offered me a piece of pizza during the job… I told him I’d have a piece after my work, but it took a while and I left without hearing about the pizza again… The name “Slade” seemed perfect for a Tsmarg Phaum.


Slade give me
A piece of that pizza

but Slade
You should have given it to me sooner…




Why did I?

Have to ask YOU
for a piece of that fucking pizza!

I shouldn’t have to ask you for a piece of your fucking pizza!



We are brothers
We share everything
And that’s why you should’nt be angry about Melissa

but Slade…


why dont you meet me at dominoes later

come on down to dominoes slade

I’ll give you a slice of something…
I’ll give you a slice of Melissa


I’m serious now
I didnt mean it
and I am sorry about Melissa
have you ever wondered about your mother and your father
and what they must have been thinking when they named you slade

I dont think about shit like that anymore
cuz you didnt give me a pice of your fucking pizza

I’m taking Melissa back to the cuttingboard
and I am going to offer you up a slice of your thigh
and I’m going to mail your head to your mother

slade slade

and I’m going to mail her hands and feet to your father


You should have given me a piece of that fucking pizza.


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