4-5-13, Feverishly composed after midnight. When Penguins became too much for me.

               Fuck the slum.

               I said that aloud when I first decided to make my living working for Todd.

               It was a difficult choice to make, for all of the slum-friends were bent against the Todd, and they dwelt with such pride in the slums because of it. I came to realize they were all idiots. Why would you choose such a hard path, when there was so much to gain by simply toiling for the sake of Todd’s cause? Idiots.

               So I went and worked at Todd’s factory, after a very shallow recruitment ritual…which at once made me feel exclusive…and made me suspicious. For anybody could have been hired…given the pseudo-rigor of the trial. Yet I felt like a badass for managing to be hired. It was my first Todd-Doubt, and I wish now that I had trusted it.

               I was praised for my aptitude, and placed upon the assembly line. They said I was further along than most, right off the bat, because I had talent. Later this proved to be bullshit. Everybody started here.

               It was a carefully designed, bullshit “career-path”…and all of us fell for it.

               But what we did not see at first was that it was also carefully designed to steal our dreams. It was designed to make a home for us…as hollow as could be… while still feeding us and distracting us from our passions. And always, the focus…to make us build for Todd… whatever Todd wanted…without realizing what we had sacrificed. And back in the slums our old friends would be vacuumed up to feed this horrible pursuit.

               I had no idea.

               My job was to make gigantic batteries. I made them well.

               After five years I was promoted, and I oversaw several dozen recruits…who made those batteries.

               But Todd made a mistake in promoting me.

               I was not a fool.

               I had realized, after two years of battery-making, what a great horror I had been conned into perpetuating. For I had somehow dodged the hollowing Todd Pill, and had never been made a true slave. I knew early on, we were making batteries for ourselves. But I had the wits, and the muscle needed to keep on and pretend. I kept making the batteries to protect myself…and I still cannot fathom how I found the strength to do this. But I did this. So I was overlooked and promoted, and when I gained power of my own…unbeknownst to Todd…I began to help all of the new recruits. I made sure they never were hollowed into drones by that horrid Todd Pill and what terrible obedience it wrought.

               So I had my Army.


2 thoughts on “4-5-13, Feverishly composed after midnight. When Penguins became too much for me.

  1. you know says:

    So every time I try reading something one here and it gets interesting its interrupted by a “Todd” lol I can’t even Todd as a name anymore, just as a Tourette-type blurp inbetween speech….ham.

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