There are fences
Near gardens
and around the back ends of two car garages
and all are easy to climb
when in madness
I disregard the sidewalk or the street and walk in a straight line


Where I land at your door
to knock and knock and knock
and sleep on the porch and knock again
in the morning.


And knock all afternoon and sleep again
and knock


Off in the madness again to climb fence after fence
crawl back into my bedroom window to dream
of knocking and knocking


and pounding even, in a fury
ringing the bell
and knocking and sleeping there exhausted


Then I wake and climb out the window again,
down sheets, tied end to end like the movies
across the yards again
over the fences


And I knock again and again
and knock harder
and yell a name
any name
and just yell “hey!?”
and feel confused and at a loss


Then empty and withered
I walk the sidewalks all the way back around,
climb up the sheets
get to sleep
and haunt myself with more knocking and knocking


And I never ever stop knocking,





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