Song and Dream


Play this song (http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/528140) while you read the emo poem thing below.


I had an awful dream.

I dreamed of a girl I loved.

I’ve had my heart torn out and scattered in the yard by her. I’ve endured the loneliest nights, lying there next to her with her back toward me
and everything tightly curled and her hands not moving when I reached for them.

There were long nights spent alone, wondering what the hell she was doing, realizing I’d done the same to her.

There were bursts of rage, daily, at the great injustices.

It was all so horrible and it ruined me. It turned me into a shriveled corpse.

But tonight, I dreamed of you.

You had come to visit at some house I’ve never been to.

Dreams always put me in houses I’ve never really been to.

And I cannot recall what was so heartbreaking about it, aside from that we were so happy together in the dream. We talked and we held each other
and we both had missed each other so much.

And I wanted to take care of you when I woke from it.

I felt so lonely then, because I wanted to take care of you when I woke from it.


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