Mine Childe

Mine horse cannot walk a straight line because he has a fever
Mine dirty hands cannot carry the water
Mine soiled robe is the only piece of clothing I can wear
For mine body is misshapen and tilted

But fine mornings I can breathe right
Some nights I can’t be awakened because I sleep like a buffalo

My bath water is a fortune
For mine child carries it to the wash bin and
pours it there to make a bath for me.

“For gratitude” he says,
because I’ve been working so hard
for so long
to put before my child a basket
with corn and fish
and to fill his cup with milk

So though I’m crooked,
though my horse is weary and cannot run again,
I have me a fortune child
who walks with my bathwater
for gratitude
because I worked so hard to feed him.
Mine pride ripplesImage


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