My Ramblings

A short list of ways to find joy.

Wear not the shoes given by the rhyming yammering Chuck with his Tide cleaned suit

Disregard the contempt of bored and boring factory laborers who fail

Embrace the field worker who ignores

Stand in line at the grocery store and grin, try to get everyone jacked about what fortune you all have

Quit bitching about the weather when you see it on TV

Enjoy fresh produce

Be the idiot cheering in the alley when the sirens go off and for the first time in five years, the rain goes sideways across the little basement window you peek out of with your battery powered radio

Lick your toast if you want, there is no book about how to eat it that has widespread support

Seal away parts of what you see and let them out when you are camping

Sleep on the ground more than once in a while

Grow suspicious of beds

Gear up for an imaginary epic adventure

Tell your brain to shut up the moment you wake and lay there a moment appreciating the song of birds and traffic

Wash your face with bare hands and water, and throw your head back to laugh now and then with wet hair

Grow tired when you need to, then sleep

Gain hunger and exhaust it with ceremony and reverence

Help somebody carry a bunch of heavy shit as randomly as possible, and turn away any reward or compensation, do not explain. Do this at least once

If you see somebody very angry begin to fight an innocent, stand ninety degrees from his line of attack and fire the heel of your foot into his knee. Then stoop to offer aid, and transport the villain to a doctor if needed, but do not anger at any point

Reassure any victims and give any bread you have

Give fresh fruit as a gift, give vegetables as a gift

Eat the flesh of any animal with quiet gratitude and ceremony, do not protest the death of animals by sending their flesh to a landfill. Embrace a diet that is in harmony with you, and embrace the way of living that builds the most hope, revere any life you encounter

Shower fully clothed, and hang the outfit to dry, our water is precious

Help somebody clean up a mess they made

If somebody greets you, hand them pineapples

If somebody angers you, devote your immediate attention to the fundamentals of arithmetic until the shadow passes then say something hopeful and positive, but guard your chin and monitor their knees

Play to the ego of any policeman, or any armed personnel

Agree with one politician, somewhere

Respect a mother

Protect a child

Disagree with what you must, openly

Discover your faults and evict them. Never stop doing this regardless of its apparent futility

Sit with your pets in the dark, watch what they watch, and try to smell or move as they do

Paint, draw, or otherwise find some way to allow that part of you to speak up

Read a book from time to time, but don’t be a dick about it

Practice a skill, and always marvel at any display of practiced skill

Be floored by talent, and find out what your own talents are

Make a life deliberately, whatever its form

Write down things you’d like to do

Write to friends

Write to strangers

Accept charity

Give charity

Show your teeth, in anger or in joy

Floss your teeth

Wait patiently, and listen to the dentist

Turn off the water while you brush

Be decent

Define decency through your own effort

Carefully, over many years.

But don’t be a dick about any of it.



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